Friday, June 15, 2007

back to school

I've finished paying my tuition fee today. It wasn't an easy exercise, with all the hassles of pila (UP isn't known as the University of Pila for nothing) and the prospect of tuition fee increase (300 percent!). I'm looking forward to when classes start on Monday. I haven't been actually a model student-- I was AWOL (absent without official leave) during my first year. I was only able to enroll by the good graces of Dr. Crispin Emmanuel Diaz, the Dean of Graduate Studies. My second year wasn't so bad, but it wasn't exceptional either. I got 1.75 in Plan 201 (Theory and Practice of Planning) and INCOMPLETE in Plan 299 (Research Methods in Planning). I wasn't able to pass my research paper AND final exam for the latter. Good thing that Dr. Lidasan was very, very lenient to my classmates and I.

I am now a full-time student, with 12 units this semester. I have to get a general weighted average (GWA) of 1.5 or higher so I can qualify for the Masteral Studies Program. I really have no choice, because this is supposedly my last semester in the Diploma program. However, because I was a delinquent, I still have 8 units left, plus the penalty subject next sem. It's either I accelerate to the MA program, or bust.

I hope to write in this blog the lessons for the day, as well as my own thoughts and opinions regarding the subject matter. I do not wish to take credit for whatever is written here, as I am merely repeating what is being discussed in class. What you will read is a collaboration of my teachers' lessons, my classmates' ideas (through recitation), and my own interpretations. Think of it as my notebook, only that it's online. I believe that learning should happen even beyond the walls of the classroom, and with this blog I hope to achieve that.

I hope that whoever stumbles upon this blog will not forget that I am just a student (a delinquent one at that). I do not claim to be an expert or a professional in the field. My opinions are my own, and do not reflect the ideals and stance of the university.

What's in store for me this semester? Join me as I find out for myself. =)